The Mietta Song Competition is dependent upon the support of individuals, philanthropic organisations and corporations. Donations to the Mietta Foundation, which supports the Mietta Song Competition as a major project, are tax deductible. We wholeheartedly invite sponsors and donors for the 2014 Competition in July 2014.

The Mietta Foundation was established to perpetuate the work and memory of Mietta O’Donnell and to celebrate her life by enhancing the spirit and energy of cultural life in this country. In addition to supporting the Mietta Song Competition Award as a major project, the Mietta Foundation established a series of forums and conversations about food, books, the arts and social engagement issues including diplomacy, culture, economics and the environment.

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and return to the Mietta Foundation, PO Box 1075, Fitzroy North, Victoria 3068


The Mietta Song Competition is a totally-volunteer run organisation. We rely on the generosity of our donors and the kind donation of time and skills by many volunteers. We need people with experience and interest in any field of music, IT and web skills. Most of all we need people with the time and energy to help encourage and promote Art Song performance.

To volunteer, please contact us.